I would like to thank God for this beautiful mind and near perfect body.

I would like to thank my family, friends, all the people those who I have worked with, schoolmates, college mates. Last but not the least, the online community and handful of chat buddies who have been supportive throughout.

Special Thanks - Sean Donovan & Kevin Snyder 

What’s being successful…

Is success having abundant money in your bank account? Or is success defined by being famous or being popular? The general notion is that any person who is famous and has lots of money is successful. Does that mean that a teacher who has been able to shape the future of hundreds of young kids throughout his or her career is not a success story? Granted, teachers are paid paltry wages and most will never receive the praise or credit that they deserve, let alone become famous; however, what about the next doctor, actor or president who benefited from their tutelage?

Then there is the mother who decided to stay home and raise her children and support her husband in achieving his goals - is she not a success story? Honestly, a person who is able to go to bed at night, knowing that they did the best that they could do and made the most out of their time that day and found gratitude and appreciation in their heart is a success, in my opinion.

During an interview with the daily newspaper, I was asked what the biggest challenge for me as a business owner was. Without hesitation I replied, “The biggest challenge for me is to stay content. Success is never enough.” One of my friends countered my statement with another question. They asked,”What is the difference between being good at your job and being successful?” Well, that's food for thought!


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