• Chapter 1 - The Wild Cat

    I stood in a ray of sunlight as I peered outside my window, with no shame in the fact that I was half naked. This cold weather makes me lazy and reluctant to do anything at all. Fallen leaves were levitating in the pool. As I looked away from the window, I scanned my room one last time. My eyes focused on a box hiding behind some books....

  • Chapter 2 - Temptation

    The tub wasn’t full, but the kitchen sink was about to overflow because I had left the water running without hitting the garbage disposal to clear the drain as to not foil my erotic narrative with the familiar noise. In my silliest voice, I relayed my next move. “Oops, my .......

  • Chapter 3 - Phantom Unmasked

    She quivered, but relaxed as she took a second to hold my face with her soft, but cold hands. She looked into my eyes and pressed her lips against mine. I grabbed her wrists and moved her arms forcefully above her head, pressing my body against hers. I controlled her quivers by frantically kissing her, but ultimately, that wasn’t enough.

  • Chapter 4 - Crisis

    She informed me that organized cybercrimes fell under the jurisdiction of the FBI, Federal court and Homeland Security. Finding out how to reach an agent at the FBI could be a challenge for me though.  I really had no proof of any of this. After all, none of them had caused me any physical, mental, or financial harm yet - just emotional unrest. Although, he did breach my privacy without consent...

  • Chapter 5 - The Conman Cobra

    He seemed shocked at my statement and quickly fired back, “That's not even remotely possible! She wouldn’t have called you on her own. What did you do to her? Are you blackmailing her? Did you use the cam software on her?” “Are you crazy? She hates you,” I said with a grin.

  • Chapter 6 - The Meltdown

    I wondered how far I could go and if it would forever change me and ruin my existence and reputation that I had worked so hard to build over the last twenty-plus years. I had to think not only about myself, but my business and family as well. I considered whether people would question my judgment or family values or core ethics - and whether or not it was worth the risk to me.

  • Chapter 7 - The Other Girl

    I immediately got turned on at the anticipation of what was about to come. l loved his nomadic lovemaking techniques and that he was not rough, but still a little crude in nature. I thought about teaching him ways to get better, but instead I decided to succumb to his ways

  • Chapter 8 - Handsome Offer

    The feeling of being the center of attention and the lady of the hour took me back to my first recital - I remember being all dolled up and ready to perform for the first time as a child. I took a deep breath and started my speech. “I would like to thank you all for coming to the first ever....."

  • Chapter 9 - Date Night

    The moment I placed my tiny hand into his manly one, he pulled me to the dance floor and then proceeded to whirl us right to the middle in the midst of hundreds of people, with the music blaring all around us. The flashing lights interrupted the otherwise darkness of the room long enough to offer up brief glimpses of what others were doing around us.

  • Chapter 10 - Threat

    I heard the roar of a car engine as the car spun around in the street and headed back in our direction, rapidly gaining speed. The window came down and the passenger’s arm emerged from the window with gun in hand. Nick pushed me back down behind the car and shielded me as a flurry of bullets ricocheted off the cars in front of us and the buildings behind us.

  • Chapter 11 - Bang Bang

    “No, don't. I am gonna shoot, I don't know if you have a gun,” I screamed as I glanced down for a split second to see what appeared to be a bulge in his pants’ pocket. “STOP!”

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